Thursday, December 31, 2020


  After six years and nearly four thousand spottings, its time for us to say goodbye. We have enjoyed every minute designing and working on this site, and we feel that its time to take a break. While we will be around, the site will no longer be updated regularly, perhaps with an occasional one every now and then if time permits.

Been a while since we ran one, but here are some of the best bloggers and posters on the net in their Louboutins- a fitting tribute to all the people who have made Pigalles and later So Kates so popular and desirable around the world.

Many thanks also to Grayson Bass who has helped us over the year find hard to find sets and rare spotting!. Your help was always appreciated!.
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Instagram accounts to follow

Thanks for all your support over the years and our best wishes

*Looking for the following Pigalle sets- Click here to see if you can help!*